Fighting Spirit Martial Arts & Fitness

Who We Are

ONCE AGAIN we have been chosen, by Hudson Valley Magazine, as the area's premier and Best Karate School, for 3 back to back years 2015, 2016, and now 2017!  We are humbled, honored and in awe of the support we are shown. Thank you for making us "The Best!"


We are a nationally affiliated chartered school within 2 nationally ranked organizations – Martial Arts USA & Midori Yama Budokai

Fighting Spirit Karate blends traditional elements of varying forms of karate and self-defense to enrich one’s mind, body and spirit so that an increased field of self-awareness, self-control and self confidence is achieved and maintained not only in the dojo but throughout our lives.
Shidoshi Sean Schenker


Dojo will be Closed for Spring Break:

Sunday, 3/25-Sunday, 4/1
**Sunday 4/1 - CLOSED for ALL classes EASTER SUNDAY 

The following Classes WILL BE OPEN during Spring Break Closure:

Sat 3/24 - 9am New You Fitness Class, 10am Kata Class, 11am BJJ Class
Mon 3/26 - 9:30am Dynamic Strength, 6pm Knockdown, 6pm SFE Fitness Class, 7pm Bag Class
Tues 3/27 - 7:30pm Adult Class (tba)
Wed 3/28 - 9:30am Dynamic Strength, 6pm Cardio Boost, 7pm Krav Maga, 8pm Kickboxing
Thurs 3/29 - 5:45pm BJJ with Ray Vargas, 7:30pm Adult Class
Friday 3/30 - 5:45am Adult karate, 9:30am Dynamic Strength, 6:00 Knockdown TBA, 7:00 Muay Thai
Saturday 3/31 - 9am New You Fitness Class, 10am Kata Class, 11am BJJ Class

2018 Master Schedule:
FSK Schedule 2018 master_1.pdf
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All Spring 8/16 week Programs below:
FSK Spring Programs.pdf
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Fitness class descriptions and schedule below:
FS Fitness.pdf
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