Fighting Spirit Martial Arts & Fitness
Enrollment Forms & Membership
Please click on the links below to download/print our enrollment forms. Thank you - Sensei Sean
Karate Membership Registration Form 2011.doc
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Karate Release Form 2011.doc
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Additionally, these sizing charts/forms are useful:
Karate Sparring Gear Size Chart.doc
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Karate Uniform Sizing Chart.doc
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Belting & Promotion
After consistent training & proving skill acquirement, discipline & dojo etiquette,  students will move to more advanced rank/belts via SHIA (promotion tests).  There are 2-3 Shia events held per year - NOT ALL STUDENTS qualify to test. Students DO NOT progress to rank/belt levels at the same time.  This is a traditional dojo & with it comes very traditional ways of achieving promotion. Belting allows for higher ranking & further developed students to begin to take ownership over their training & model appropriate training habits & attitudes, giving other students something to work towards. Promotion tests for belts beyond white belt/advanced white belt, are outlined to parents/students when the appropriate time arrives.  Separate Promotion Test Fees are required at every promotion/rank test given at the dojo.
Dojo Policies:

• All Students 7 - Adult will be required to purchase a set of “sparring gear” for in class kumite (sparring) instruction.

• All Students/Parents must sign a Liability-Release Waiver Form before start of training in the new dojo.

• All Students receive ONE FREE TRIAL-CLASS before joining.

• All Students must wear a karate gi (uniform) once enrolled.
Please inquire at the dojo regarding t-shirt orders:
Membership Fee
Most regional karate schools require a student sign a “contract” upon enrolling in a karate program. At FSK we do not subscribe to the “contract” philosophy. Membership Fee & 1st month tuition are non-refundable.
  • $150 Membership Fee for all students to train Karate.
  • Membership fee includes a Free Gi/uniform. 
  • Should a student decide to take a break, at any time, the membership will be valid for one year. If any student decides to return after a one-year absence, they will need to pay $100 for a return membership to the program.

With a bigger space and more room for students to GROW, we offer a FLEX SCHEDULE.  This eliminates make-up class coordination and offers complete flexibility for YOU TO CHOOSE when you want to train!
In order to get the most out of your martial arts training, we strongly recommend training at least 2x per week. This is the FSK minimum. The best DEAL we offer is for our UNLIMITED ENROLLMENT students. Only $20 more per month & total flexibility.
*In rare situations we may approve training 1x per week with prior approval, but progress will be slower.

1.     2x/week Flex Membership - $130/month
2.     Unlimited Full Throttle Flex Membership - $150.00/month (NOT FOR KIDS AGED CLASSES)
Unlimited Full Throttle is only $20 more per month!

3.    Ultra Unlimited -$200.00/month (All Martial Arts & Fitness classes)

$150.00 (Lifetime Membership 1x Fee & Includes uniform)

To Enroll in Karate
*$175 Spar Gear Set Must Be Purchased 4 weeks into program

1) EXIT FEE - Upon exiting FSK program, student/parent will be charged one month's tuition without written 30 days notice prior to exit. At FSK we do not require any silly long-term locked in contracts. We know our program is The Best in the HV, and we stand behind our mission of spreading the very best in the arts to all. While we understand any family's need to stop training at any point, there are many instances when payments and loose ends are left for us to resolve or chase down without warning or notice, typically after a deadline of a payment is due. This policy allows FSK to not have to use a contract based Martial Arts service upon sign-up.

Monthly fees:
  • 2x per week - $130 per month (Youth/Teen/Adult) 
  • UNLIMITED - FULL THROTTLE PROGRAM - $130 per month (Kids), $150 per month (Youth/Teen/Adults)

Sparring Gear: All Students 7 - Adult will be required to purchase a set of “sparring gear” through the dojo to use for in class kumite.
Forms: All Students/Parents must sign a Liability-Release Waiver Form & Membership Enrollment Form before training in the dojo.
Getting Started: All Students receive ONE FREE TRIAL-CLASS before joining.

Billing Policy
Accounts are handled by the FSK Accounting Department.  All of our billing is handled through Square for automatic payment processing. Delinquent payments incur $10 per week late fee.

Billing Payments & Inquiries are handled by Stacey: