Fighting Spirit Karate Studio
Enrollment Forms & Membership
Please click on the links below to download/print our enrollment forms. Thank you - Sensei Sean
Karate Membership Registration Form 2011.doc
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Karate Release Form 2011.doc
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Additionally, these sizing charts/forms are useful:
Karate Sparring Gear Size Chart.doc
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Karate Uniform Sizing Chart.doc
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Belting & Promotion
After consistent training & proving skill acquirement, discipline & dojo etiquette,  students will move to more advanced rank/belts via SHIA (promotion tests).  There are 2-3 Shia events held per year - NOT ALL STUDENTS qualify to test. Students DO NOT progress to rank/belt levels at the same time.  This is a traditional dojo & with it comes very traditional ways of achieving promotion. Belting allows for higher ranking & further developed students to begin to take ownership over their training & model appropriate training habits & attitudes, giving other students something to work towards. Promotion tests for belts beyond white belt/advanced white belt, are outlined to parents/students when the appropriate time arrives.  Separate Promotion Test Fees are required at every promotion/rank test given at the dojo.
Dojo Policies:

• All Students 7 - Adult will be required to purchase a set of “sparring gear” for in class kumite (sparring) instruction.

• All Students/Parents must sign a Liability-Release Waiver Form before start of training in the new dojo.

• All Students receive ONE FREE TRIAL-CLASS before joining.

• All Students must wear a karate gi (uniform) once enrolled.
Please inquire at the dojo regarding t-shirt orders:
Membership Fee
Most regional karate schools require a student sign a “contract” upon enrolling in a karate program. At FSK we do not subscribe to the “contract” philosophy. Membership Fee & 1st month tuition are non-refundable.
  • $125 Membership Fee for all students to train Karate.
  • $175 Membership Fee for a BJJ/Judo ONLY training regiment.
  • Membership fee includes a Free Gi/uniform. ​
  • Should a student decide to take a break, at any time, the membership will be valid for one year. If any student decides to return after a one-year absence, they will need to pay $100 for a return membership to the program.

Monthly Enrollment Fees Schedule
Karate is a great activity & in a traditional program like FSK, Consistency Over Time = Progress.  We are NOT a belt factory. The progress one makes by training only 1x per week is limited, once the student is of an age of 8 and up, generally speaking.  We encourage students 8 years of age & up to train at least 2x per week (based on dojo schedule & availability).  We highly encourage FULL THROTTLE for more experienced practitioners.  However, we offer a 1x per week monthly training enrollment, as it's "better to train then not at all!"

Children between 5 - 7yrs are generally only allowed to train 1x per week.
  • 1x per week - $95 per month
  • 2x per week - $115 per month
  • 3x per week - FULL THROTTLE PROGRAM - $130 per month
  • 4x per week or more - DOJO WARRIOR PROGRAM - $150 per month 
Families (with 2 or more people training) One student is discounted $20.00 off monthly enrollment fee when more then 1 person trains.
Private Lessons: FSK instructors are available for Private one on one child, teen or adult lessons. Please email if interested in receiving rates & schedule options. A highly personal 1 on 1 learning environment.
Make-Up Policy: Students are allotted 1 make up class per month (subject to dojo availability) when missing a class on their own accord (sickness, vacation, etc)

Sparring Gear: All Students 7 - Adult will be required to purchase a set of “sparring gear” through the dojo to use for in class kumite.
Forms: All Students/Parents must sign a Liability-Release Waiver Form & Membership Enrollment Form before training in the dojo.
Getting Started: All Students receive ONE FREE TRIAL-CLASS before joining.

Billing Policy
Accounts are handled by FSK Accounting Department.  Members receive 1 payment reminder the week prior to tuition being due on the 1st of each month & then 1 reminder the week of payment due. Delinquent payments incur $10 per week late fee.

Billing Payments & Inquiries are handled by Stacey: